Boost Your Brand with Avatars and Favicons

Nothing lends itself to taking advantage of
Branding, Better than the Internet and Social Media.

What follows are some of the
Tips and Shortcuts we came across
while setting up the DDF Zone Brand.

Our wish is that what was learned
will help others to set up their Brand.

If others have more Tips and Shortcuts on this subject,
Please share them so that others may Benefit.

Lead, Follow and Share

To Create and Manage Avatars for your WordPress Blog go to
Gravatar and create your own account and Avatars.
DDF Zone Tip:
Make sure that the Email Address you use setting up your Gravatar
is the Email Address used for admin purposes in your WordPress Dashboard.
With Gravatar you can import any size file and it will scale and size it.
Watch Robert’s Great Video to get more detailed
Steps On Setting Up A Gravatar Account!

When Creating Your Twitter Profile Avatar
File path is:
Settings > Profile > Picture > Change image
Maximum size of 700k, JPG, GIF, PNG
Height to Width Ration should be Equal – Square
For any issues check out
The Twitter – Help Center

Why not Put the Finishing Touch on Your Twitter Brand and
Make a Good Impression with a Custom Twitter Background
Thanks to Hugh Bris from Twitter Image for writing this post.

Creating an Avatar for Google Friend Connect was a bit trickier.
The best way to access the image option is at the
Google Friend Connect Widget.
File path is:
Join this site > More options > Add a photo
Or if you already have a profile on the web? Use it instead

If you choose to upload a JPG, GIF or PNG file.
The “Crop this picture” feature is a nightmare
“You can drag the box to select the crop area, and use the handle to resize it.”
The Resize Handle does not work.
Best way to “crop” the image is to edit the image
with a canvas 4 times the image size.
The quickest option is to use an existing profile
Such as your Twitter Profile.

The One Branding Opportunity that many people miss is
the Favicon, a tiny custom icon that appears next to
your website’s URL in the address bar of a web browser.
They are 16 pixels by 16 pixels and
are a Windows Icon (.ico ) file.
They are usually called Favicon.ico and
reside in the main directory of your website.
In our WordPress Install the File path is:
wp > wp-content > themes > atahualpa > images > favicon
If you don’t find it in a similar location,
Just do a search for *.ico in your WP main folder.

Thanks to Jennifer Apple for a great post on the
Mysteries Of The Favicon.ico – How To Create A Favicon In Photoshop

If you don’t have Photoshop,
there are many free and GPL licensed software options
for creating favicon images.
Just Google -  Creating Favicon

Hope This Helps
Keep Branding :)

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